Festive kolam for weddings

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dots 13 - 13
This kalasam (hope I am correct) kolam can be drawn for occasions such as a wedding, grihapravesh etc, I have drawn this kolam in such a way to show how the dots are connected just for those who don't understand - whereas actually it should be drawn in continuation to cover the dots - hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Rangoli: Festive kolam for weddings


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Very pretty wedding rangoli Judy! The Kalasham pots are so crisp, the coconuts are balancing perfectly! And, I think we get why you drew this rangoli this way! Smile
Helpful indeed!

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Wow!! Judy nice one.its so natural.

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Your kolam is easy and perfect. How did you draw it in the computer? Any specific software to use?

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thank you Lata and Lakshmi - i am really glad you all like it.....
thanks Jayamohan - no special software - i have done free hand drawing used adobe photoshop only...........

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It's really pretty and very easy to draw by seeing the dot. I really enjoyed it.