Navrathri Rangolis

Hi friends Happy dhantrayodashi to all Smile ,this free hand kolam was drawn today morning in front of my house...your views please..

Hi! friends, This rangoli was drawn by me for Diwali 2011 and I could not upload it that time. I also felt very bad for not participating in the Diwali Rangoli contest as well as voting as my mother-in-law had undergone hip joint ball replacement and my appearing for promotion test in our Bank.
This is a free hand rangoli filled with colours. Your view please.

This rangoli was drawn by indian rangoli group at stadium for diwali fair in Sydney this year.sharing with you. cant able to click a straight shot because of the crowd.


This rangoli was drawn by indian rangoli group at stadium for diwali fair in Sydney this year.sharing with you.


Dear all,
this is my first creation with diyas during Diwali. Your comments please.

Sanskara Bharthi Rangoli.....did not get any other with area constraint

Hai to all...wasn't happy with the strokes in this line hesitated to upload as a Diwali Kolam...but since my daughter insisted sharing it now... as I have kept lamps in the centre thought it would be apt for this festive season...hope u like this kolam...ur views pl...

This is my first attempt in making a Rangoli/kolam like this Smile Made for Diwali 2011.

I used stencil and a sifter to sift the colours
I took me a few hours since I did have much colours so had to becareful I used each colours wisely.

This is the rangoli done at my office for Diwali celebrations. Done by my collegues. Just wanted to share this with you all.

My daughter aishwarya's(6 years old) rangoli on diwali


Attached is the Rangoli display made for this year Diwali celebration in Dublin. Kudos to the organizers to arrange for multicultural performances. There are 3600 people attended this function thus made it a mega diwali celebration.

This year, i planned for Carpet display in Rangoli. Owing to the difficulty in arranging for the color powders here, I designed and painted few rangoli designs already. These rangoli design includes lotus, dancing peacock, mango and elephant. Also i prepared different bharatnatyam position templates for the smaller circles in the Carpet.

Thanks to my lovely friends who has given their time and effort to make this approximately 4.5 meters Rangoli carpet display successfully.

Glad to share with you all.
Luv n Cheers

I put this rangoli on the Night before Deepavali, it took me around 40 minutes to complete the rangoli.
Guys, please comment on it. I need to improve a lot.
Thenks & Happy Deepavali to all of you...