festival kolam

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About festival kolam : PRINT

my mother in law [nirmala] made this kolam on Aadi pandigai.

Rangoli: festival kolam


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Nice kuzhal kolam.

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Trade mark of Brinda's family! Beautiful!

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beautiful kuzhal kolam...

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What is there for me to say except - WONDERFUL. So neat and pretty. I can see Thangam aunty's trademark on it...

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Simple neat & beautiful

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looks sooo neat..nice colours..nice kuzhal kolam

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FAMILY KOLAM. Family members excel in kuzhal kolam..

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Wow amazing kuzhal kolam... this is such a beauty

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Beautiful. Pleaase.. andha kuzhal padathai podungalen........

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Neatest drawing. Everyone remember Brindha since she introduced this first in ikolam. And you all give her a good competition.( just want to know how many times you fill up the kuzhal with kolapodi to finish this kolam?)

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i fill 2times in kuzhal with kolapodi to complete the kolam.

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Great and delicate work!

Regards! - mOhana

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amazing kuzhal kolam, are you brindha madam's relation? Looks as if it is done by Brinda madam

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very nice and beautiful kolam.

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Wow, such a nice kolam. Very less colours used but kolam is very bright and the outlines adds to beauty.

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Beautiful design and the colour combination is so nice, Anni.