father's day special 2

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About father's day special 2:

hai to all...i did this rangoli (which i got from a printed kolam book from Tanjore) on Father's day....ur views pl...

Father's Day
Rangoli: father's day special 2


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An apt design for Father's day, Rani! Looks pretty with close-knit strokes and lines. Smile
Happy Father's day to you and Ammu too. Smile

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thank u lata....ammu is ready to go to college...and is very happy at yr wishes....thanks again....

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Very nice kolam rani mam, all your kolam are beautiful with brightness!

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thank u nithya....

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Rani maam very very pretty kolam and so neatly done too... as simple as it seems, I know how difficult it is to draw such a kolam with perfect symmetry and you have done a wonderful job on this.

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very beautiful gud design chandhini mam

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thank u pushpa, wskgn,alamelu mam...thanks again...

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wonderful Rani. How many such collections are there in your friday/tuesday bank. Any how we keep adding to our collections. Thank you.

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fathers day spl is rangoli without kavi is it rani ?? Lol However, your lotus looking so pretty...

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Nice but difficult design and done very perfectly, Rani! Very symmetrical and your style is superb:)

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thank u padma,vidhs and brinda mam....

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ஸ்ரீநிதி நிறைய tie இந்த கோலத்தில் பார்க்கிறாள் .... பாதர்'ஸ் டே ஸ்பெஷல் கோலம் ரொம்ப அழகு ராணிஜி
-Indira Sundar

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hey raaaannnnnniiiii how ru?? your kolam looks like idiyappam!!!!hehe.. what judy???!!it has come up very nie...kee p it up

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Very very pretty kolam Raniji.

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beautiful kolam.

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thanks a lot indra mam...lakshmi, padma and sreegiri mam....indra mam convey my luv to ur daughter....

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கஷ்டப்பட்டுராணி போட்ட தாமரப் பூ கோலத்த இடியாப்பம்ன்னு சொல்லிட்டாங்களே லக்ஷ்மி!

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The inner design is Jayanthy madam's favourite.The outer line filled border has added the beauty for this. Nice bright lines. ( Rani, only yesterday I tried thick lines like u and realized how difficult it is)

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Wow Rani - great Father's Day Special Kolam at your doorstep. I am sure Mr Selvaraj would have been very pleased at this gift Smile

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thank u jaya mam, rajammaji and judy....rajammaji....d grass is greener on d other side....i always wanted to draw thin strokes but i can't...neenga ennadaanna...thick lines varalayennu varuthapadreenga.....enna solradu ponga....

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Simply superb.


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Really nice kollam with bright lines

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thank u vidhya and suguna...

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Helo Mami.
very beautiful kolam.
can u upload that printed book please....

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hai jaya...thanks ...but i took photos of all d kolams from that printed book...as i had to return those books within an hour....so sorry....but i shall try all d kolams in that book for u to enjoy....anyways.....u r not our known jayamam na....is this jaya2 at ikolam ?

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நான் அவங்க இல்ல! ஜெயம்/ஜெயா மோகன்

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Awesome kolam...Very nice.

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thank u padma karthik..