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Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008

Rangoli: entry_37


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Woow.. very beautiful

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Colorful... very beautifully done.. Smile

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verymuch artistic

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excelent one

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Excellent art. Beautiful colours and proportion. worthy of a prize!

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very nice colours , proportion and design hope you win the prize.

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very nice

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all the best for the great work

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good one

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Very very beautiful

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Excellent work

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Very neat work. Good colour combination.

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excelent colours and rangoli also

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extermly beautiful, and fine work indeed.

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awesome color combination....very neat and beautiful

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soooo eyecatching! i love it!

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Very cute..

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Very complicated design, done with extreme perfection.
Filling and strokes at the best.

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excellent neat work, good colour combination, few Diya's would have added the charm

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look's very neat and eye catching, have you used chalk in your rangoli?

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congrats ... beautiful.

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Preethi Congratulations

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Congrats! Keep it up!

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It is very very pretty.

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Miss Preethi, I love the colors and design! Could you please share some dots info etc. I would love to try this someday in front of my home! Thanks!

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great art work,fantastic & catchiing one.

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Just beautiful! Have you ever made a mistake and have to start all over?

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pl tell me how do u do dis white cplour . doesnt it mix wd other colur
and hw did y prepare dis white colour

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very simple but effective

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Wow.......... superbbbbbb.........

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its really very superb i like this kolam and colour combination also


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excellent work.looks like a wonderfully woven rug.

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excellent work

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excellent colour combination keep it up

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This is terrific beautiful Smile

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Wonderful, intricate design

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Simply superb. Congrats. After a long time I am participating. Excellent work Smile Smile