Ducks meet rangoli

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About Ducks meet rangoli:

This is a free hand Duck's meet rangoli, drawn in front of my house today.

All ducks decide their trip to Ikolam and to express "jai ho" to our community!.

Rangoli: Ducks meet rangoli


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Lucky ducks! Having a party is Lakshmi's pool. This reminds me of a game that is usually set up in fairs and festivals for the little kids. They have plastic ducks floating in a pool, and the kids try to scoop out the ducks one at a time with nets. Beautiful double borders.

I still have to find the time to buy the "Jai ho" CD, am glad I got the chance to watch the movie though, I normally don't get to watch new (good) movies until it gets released in DVDs.

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Lata , thanks for reminding.. need to go to " Chennai Island ground " where month long fair is displayed with all plastic ducks over there.. but it is not in water its on small railings... ( Chennaill thanni panjam ).

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"QUACK QUACK" - that is "JAI HO" in duck language .....

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Judy , do you do memicry also ?? great...

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So all ducks doing "catwalk" infront of your house? Or they donot know how to get out of two beautiful rigs around them?

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Rajammaji due to water problem in chennai have packed all the ducks to the ikolam.

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very nice DUCK SHOW

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Indira thank u