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About drawings:

These are the drawings drawn by me on paper..not imaginative...seen and drawn from internet or any books.these are rough drafts,,i will try any of my favourite drawing on white paper first..then will draw on any medium and colour and gift,,,

Rangoli: drawings


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Wow. I liked those two birds. Very cute and charming.


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The birds look very cute

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Nice work.

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Good Drawing. I like the birds Smile
The centre white spot disturbs me to enjoy the beauty, Next time try to avoid the flash by placing the paper in a bright place. Just my opinion Smile

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Thanks everyone..ok Vinci mam,,i will be careful while taking snaps,,,

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Rajpriya very neat drawing .keep it up.If u colour the bird and flowers it will look very nice

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Neat design of cute birds.

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Lovely drawing....looks as though its been traced...such nice strokes....

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Nice work.

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Thanks all..rekha mam,,,yes it will be good if coloured,,,i did and framed and gifted to frnd,,,its been more than a year back

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Beautiful birds and the drawing is superb!

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