Dotted Rangoli

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About Dotted Rangoli:

This is my own creation done using ready to use "rice paste balls". The dot count is 13-7. It looks like free hand drawing. Hope the creation grabs the appreciation of you friends.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Dotted Rangoli


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Well drawn design and very pretty! I like the ornamental As Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Nicely drawn.

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These paste balls seem to have a unique texture, unlike the one we see in maa kolam paste-consistency. Interesting! Design is very nice too.
Btw, has anyone told you that you resemble Ramya Krishnan? Smile

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Rice paste ball? Interesting! You use it direct on floor like chalk piece? Nicely done!

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hai mam lovely design...the background is of kaavi or what let me know...

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very nice gud one

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Padma maam pretty design which compliments the background

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Nice design and the background colour adds beauty to the kolam, Padma Smile

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Padma, u were mentioning about the rice balls in the Meet, Here I think you have done this with a painting brush. The design looks very good with stylish strokes.

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Thank You All for your views.
Lata - answer for your question - Many have told me that I resemble (to some extent) "SUHASINI".

Yes Rajamma, it is made from the Ready to Use white balls. Crush the ball and dissolve in water. with the brush, draw rangoli.

Ammu chandini, brinda - The background colour is good because it is teapoy and on which i drew the rangoli. It is not Kavi, its plywood sheet.

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nice design.

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Yeah, you resemble Suhasini of early years!

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Beautiful kolam with a nice background

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Ungal veettu teapoy romba lucky!!!!!


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padma,nice design and the background adds beauty to the kolam

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Another neat piece of work Padma Smile

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Nice work, You background selection has enriched your kolam...