Dotted Rangoli

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This is a simple 13-7 dotted rangoli. I just tried on a teapoy at home. As the background is red, i could not apply Kavi to this.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Dotted Rangoli


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Very very pretty in this background.

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beautiful kolam .

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nice design yr last kolam itself i was wondering about the i know its d teapoy...

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nice one, we have been seeing kolams on kitchen granite, tables, computer table and now teapoy Smile

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Padma maam pretty kolam on teapoy so you serve your guests with a kolam on the teapoy Smile

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nice design for teapoy

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Yes, Padma ,any platform which is smooth will be enough for this wet maavu kolams. Nice design , neat drawing. I have even used computer tables for drawing pookolams

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Nice kolam, Padma.

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Nice one!!!Just paint this design on that teapoy.thanks for sharing


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This is one rangOli I looked at quite a few times since yesterday. Very carefully and prettily drawn. What made me spend considerable time on this is the svAstika-like design surrounding the central lotus flower. The four-fold symmetric designs have only that symmetry locally, but not in a global sense. That was what impressed me most in this work.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you all. let me come out with new rangoli's on this teapoy with all ur encouragement. Thanx once again.

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very nice design..looks bright..keep it up

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Good work Padma - this has come out well Smile

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very beautiful with pretty background...-Indira