Dotted kolam in our beautiful garden

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Hi All, i am uploading this kolam for the nice view of the garden...don't mind for not projecting the kolam....this is the same kolam which was already done by Rani mam...but honestly i took it from a book.

Rangoli: Dotted kolam in our beautiful garden


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What a gorgeous view! Kolam looks very nice. Smile
Please mention the dot count in your description. In case you miss writing it in the description, then you could also mention it while commenting on this page.

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Wow!!!! What a perfect garden this looks to lucky you are. And the kolam looks very very pretty in your wonderful double strokes.

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Wow...what an atmosphere tell me do passers-by do get a chance to look at ur kolam going by d place where u live....or is this place far from ur worries too copied from a tamil magazine only...(almost 70% of my kolams)...haha(evlo thadavai idhai solli kooda thorathaama irukkaangale....tappichen ....haha...(i've been telling this many a times )...

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Yes Rani mam, Americans, spanish people, chineese our indians all are living in this condo(about 500 families)......when they pass by they ask what this art is all about and they ask us how to do it and what we use for it....they really appreciate and like our culture a lot.

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very beautiful view.very nice kolam too.

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Wow, Harini, very nice view of your garden, dear. You are so lucky to have a garden like this. Lovely double ezhai kolam. Thanks for sharing this pic with us.


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you are gifted to have such a nice natural place for the rangoli....thanks for sharing.

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I am admiring your garden and the lovely kolam. You are lucky to have such a nice place to display your kolam art.

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By the way Harini, are you in Bangalore? I recently visited a similar house in Indiranagar.

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no Rajamma mam i am in America.

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good shot... nice location..

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fantastic atmosphere with a pretty divine kolam

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Thankyou all.....all the garden credit goes to MY HUSBAND SUDARSAN....when we came here the place was filled with lot of unwanted stuff and rocks...he worked hard for a week to clean and make this place look soooooo beautiful......THANKS TO MY HUSBAND.

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wow what a lovely place! u r very lucky harini ..nice garden with house is lovely pa:)-suguna murugesan

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Beautiful kolam in a beautiful garden. Very nice to see fresh flowers blooming and great to see kolam still live in US.

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Lovely work and pretty front yard. Is it somewhere in FL?

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow Harini maam u have made us Indians proud by your lovely display dear. Lovely ambience to just relax admiring ur beautiful kolam. Do give my regards to Sudarshan Sir for giving us this beautiful garden. Your kolam looks wonderful too.