Dotted Kolam

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Hai to all....this dotted kolam 11-6 intermediate dots was done by me....ur views pl....

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Dotted Kolam


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nice and bright rani.

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Well Made.. nice borders.. Pallich Pallich...

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Rani maam dinamum oru super kolam poottu asatturinga poonga.

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Nice work, carefully drawn. rANIjI, this is actually a hexagonal chikku kOlam Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Very beautiful mam.

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thank u viji mam, vinci, indu mam,jkm sir and jasree,,,

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jkm sir...actually this was done even before ur hexagonal lessons started...if i had made it after ur entry into HSK...i would have taken little more care of d inner stars formed....

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Very neat and beautiful,rani

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thank u veni....

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Very nice

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very nice hexagonal kolam

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the outer border is very appealing

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thank u chandy, uma and padma....

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nice design it has come out very nice.

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thanks lakshmi..

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Rani very nice kolam but I think that the border is distracting our attention from the central kolam as it is too big Smile