dotted kolam

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About dotted kolam : PRINT

hai to all...this dotted kolam 19-1 straight dots was done by me...ur views pl....

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: dotted kolam


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Asaththal pulli kolam. Raniyum venium serndhu Pulli kolam pottu asaththareengale!

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thank u rajamma mam for ur inspiring words....

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Rani maam this is a lovely chikku kolam, I envy you for the lovely space that you have

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Very nice chikku kolam. I think this kolam is in JKM sir's kolam book if i remember right.

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thank u pushpa and it so....i shall see....

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Rani, I am beginning to wonder; how many books/notebooks do you own that are filled with kolam designs? Smile
There seems to be a never ending supply of both dotted as well as freehand designs coming up from your hands. I admit Rani, ikolam is not able to keep up with your speed dear. Smile

I do have a request; could you please wait for ikolam to catch up with all of the designs that are waiting to be published? Kindly upload after we are finished with the ones that are in the queue. The festival season is fast approaching, and we would like to clear the backlog. (Your account has too many kolams to be published, so please take a small break. I know it must be a bit hard for a busy bee like you) Smile

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wow ...very nice

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ok latha done allow me for this one or two aadi tuesday and friday...and then afterwards i will not bother u...

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thank u anirudh...

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asaththal pulli kolam Rani.photoshop parthu neengal mayanguhireergal.anaal nijathin azhagu nizhalil illai yenbadhu nijam.ungal kolathin nerthi kannaiyum , manadhaiyum kavarugiradhu.

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ammu mams wk pleasing as usual, one more feather......

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excellent chiku kolam well done keep it up

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thank u suba and sudha mam....

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Enna Rani, Neengalum Veniyum potti pottu kondu asthugireergal. Very neat and pretty kolam:)

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wow so big chikku kolam looks very bright and neat

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Very bright and neat. Love it

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thank u brinda, lakshmi and chandy....

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Excellent kolam.

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Rani, engirundu pidikkireenga ithanai kolams? Really beautiful.

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Very beautiful. Are there three lines in all?

Regards! - mOhana

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thanks padma, jayanthy mam and jkm sir...jayanthy mam...i started my kolam collections long before even before my marriage from tamil magazines....jkm sir no three lines..actually i tried a little thinner strokes in this kolam...

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I traced it. It contains in all (omitting the central circle) 15 lines.

Regards! - mOhana

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Sorry, not 15, but 16.

Regards! - mOhana

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sorry jkm sir...i cannot understand what u mean by 3 lines...somebody help me na....

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You are right JKM - there are 16 lines (17 if you include the circle).. Rani JKM is talking about the separate lines that are used to make this particular kolam. Sometimes certain chikku kolams are done with a single line from starting to finish na - here you have 16 separate sections combined in one kolam - hope you understand what I am saying now??

Lovely kolam - a personal favourite of mine and done very neatly - Rani & Veni are the Chikku Twins - hehe Smile

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thankkkkkkks judy for helping me ..i knew u would i understood what jkm sir meant.....

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Rani Maam rendu Chikku Kolam pottu kalukiringa.. Neat strokes.. Super,,, Waiting for your kaavi alangaram...

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thank u vinci...