Dotted Kolam

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The Dot count for this one is 9-5(middle dots). It is very simple and easy. I invented this one, too. Smile

Rangoli: Dotted Kolam


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Aunty, your rangoli looks like pencil dust design...

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Nice colouring, reminds me of this real flower

Regards! - mOhana

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purnima very nice rangoli...yes pavan flowers looks like pencil dust ....

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Purni, nice invention, all the best to invent some more to enjoy!

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Aunty this rangoli looks spectacular. I could seek permission to steal your border of the rangoli because they look like plaits.And I could wear them to school.I could tell my freinds that I have dyed my rubber bands pink and purple.
My freinds would be filled with envy. I wont tell them that I got the plaits from you. hehehehehe....

அழகான கோலத்தை நான் மறக்க மாட்டேன்.
மிக நன்று

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Purni ma'am I love the way you take uttermost care regarding the minute detailing like in this case the small dots of yellow placed sparingly at appropriate places... very beautiful... you have a wonderful imagination ... and as always love your color combination

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Purni your effort in giving minute details proper attention takes the cake - excellent kolam - like Pavan said I too am reminded of pencil shavings - I used to sharpen all my colour pencils so I could get different colour borders and I used to stick them on modelling cardboard and make greetings with them... very beautifully done, and what more can I say about your borders, they are always unique, matching to the kolam and as can be seen your own creations always - hats off to your creativity Smile

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My Special Thanks to Pavan & Sahana.... Pavan, I too got this idea of colouring after sharping Dharun's Colour Pencils.... Smile ......
Sahana dear, You are always welcome to take away my plaits....... Hope You are enjoying Your vacation in with Paati & Family!!
JKM Sir, Thanks a ton for Your comment & Your Precious Time given for the same......
Lakshmiji & Pushpa Ma'am, Thanks a lot for Your valuable comments....... The pleasure is all mine, Ma'am..... Thank you once again......
Nithya Ma'am, Thank You so much..... I am trying my level Best, Ma'am....
Judy Ma'am, Its so very sweet of You....... Pencil Dust sure has been a great source of enjoyment forever...... I am still collecting them for something or other....... :)....
Thank You One & All, once again......

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Feel like taking one of those flowers and keeping in the hair.

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Nice kolams. Butterflies look awesome. I just love your border kolams which merges well with the main kolam.. Excellent...

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பூரணி,சூப்பர் ரங்கோலி.
.பார்டர் சரவெடி மாதிரி இருக்கு!......ம்ம்....... இல்லை காகித பூ மாலை போலிருக்கு .....ம்ம்.....இல்லை, பூஜடை அலங்காரம் தான் இது!
ஜோரான பூக்கள் உள்ளே பூத்திருக்கு .கொஞ்சம் மாற்றினால் அவை மயில் ஆகி விடும் .உன் கற்பனை கோலம் என் கற்பனையை பறக்க விட்டிருச்சு . ,

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Jayanthi Ma'am, You are always welcome to take them..... Thanks a lot for Your Admiration......
Thanks a lot, Vinci Ma'am..... Am glad You liked them..... The pleasure is all mine......
Rajamma Ma'am, No words to express my Gratitude towards You...... All the Appreciation and credit shud go to Ikolam and Its Proud Members like You....... Thank You So much, Ma'am......

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Congratulations on your pretty invention Purni! Smile

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the seide designs looks like flowers tied with chocolate wraps, very very superb

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அபார கற்பனை பூரணி .

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Very beautiful designing and colour combination for your rangoli. The pencil shavings effect that you have produced is really very innovative!! Thanks for such great ideas!