dotted kolam 35

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About dotted kolam 35:

Hai viewers this small dotted kolam was drawn by me on 2nd Adi Friday Kolam.. waiting your comments.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: dotted kolam 35


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Very very beautiful kolam in soft colours. Nice border work too.

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very cute and nice finish julie.

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Beautiful with lovely colours

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Wow...this is so neat julien...nice cols used...

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r Cute kolam with nice border.

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cute kolam.....n nice colours too......

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very nice but no of dots if u provide will be very nice

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very nice kolam jullien.A big improvement is in your kolam.

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simple and cute.nice colour combinations and diyas r very pretty .keep it on

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Julien nice dotted kolam with pretty freehand borders.

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beautifully drawn kolam julien.

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nice wk juli

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Very cute kolam and pretty border.


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Very nice kolam and beautiful strokes. Try doing kolams on different floor. That will enhance the beauty of your kolams. (Just an advice)

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thanks for your lovely comments... ok i am happy to know.. i am improvement in kolams... for (IKOLAM) your comments and encourgements.. padma this is my house entrance place., there is no space to cement floor or bright color floor... full design is the same... color.. how are you? welcome back....

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"banna bannda hoovu,dipa mattu patarakittia ee rangoli
mudiside nenapu balyada
aa patarakitteya hinde oduva
hoovugallannu gidadinda berpadisuva
mattu awugalannu serisi hara maduva..
ayyo barabaudhe aa dina punaha
yendu bendide nana manaha "

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Reka mam.... thanks for your lovely comments..... i don't know kannada... but u are writing for your language....

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july don't worry i will send this poem to our rao sir for his english translation .

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nice and gud one