Dotted Kolam

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This kolam is a revised version of a Centre design in one of Aval Vikatan's Kolangalil Kolam. The Dot count is 3-5-7-7-7-5-3(straight dots). It sure is different than the way I wanted it to look. The pencil version of it was much better. Your comments would be of greater help here.


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very beautiful,nice colour

very beautiful,nice colour match...

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The center flower is shaped

The center flower is shaped beautifully.

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Very beautiful purni ma'am

Very beautiful purni ma'am ... as usual you have given this simple kolam an elegant look by your thoughtful color combination..

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nice kolam + nice colouring

nice kolam + nice colouring + nice design purniji... sunshine method also toooooo good...

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Purni, the green

Purni, the green colorportion is looking very nice.The shadow also gives a different effect to the kolam.