Dotted Kolam

ammuchandhini Thu, 11/17/2011 - 04:00
Suguna Murugesan

yes it is very hard :tired:..... but outcome is really fantastic :love: :love: :love: congrats for the rangoli of the day!!! :)
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hai rani congrats for the rangoli of the day,super PALICH kolam with neat and thin strokes looking choooooooooo cuteda.
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Thank u lata for selecting my kolam as the rangoli of d happy...this is the second kolam of mine being selected under this tag...thanks once again...:)
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Rani, Congrats pa - your's is the rangoli of the day. Very beautifully made dotted kolam and wonderful strokes pa. I don't like to hear people telling lies that too early in the morning - "how hard I tried was not able to put straight lines with even strokes".
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lovely chikku kolam rani.congrats for being selected your kolam as rangoli of the day
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Can we see all the rangolis under the tag "Rangoli of the day" in one place? Lata or anyone - can you please guide?
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:star: Yeh Ranima, :party: pa, your kolam has again come as kolam of the day. Woow look at those wonderful strokes. From where did you get such a big scale to put such perfect strokes. Awesome dear :love:
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Thanks a lot maha(haha...maha...really pa if i concentrated on a straight line...the strokes were not coming now chandhini has given me a small sikku kolam to do with really real thiiiiiin strokes...hmmm...let me see...), suba, uma,and push for ur lovely encouraging words...:)
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Ranima, with all the work that you have idhu oru velaiya ungalakku paavam pa neenga... I like your thick strokes dear, like whatever you do as they are
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Padma Prakash

Hi, RAni, beautiful kolam with lovely strokes. I am always jealous about you. From where do you get such lovely big kolams and more important is you have time, space and well determined mind to do such kolams.
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Wow....padma...nice to see u back far as this kolam is considered it was copied from a tamil magazine-mangayar malar....more than d first is d third word which i like most in ur last part of ur comment.. ;) .thanks again... :bigsmile:
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