ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all...this 19x19 dotted kolam was done by me recently...hope u like d shading(blue part) which i have tried...eagerly waiting for ur views...

Dotted kolam


rajamma_2's picture

Lovely chikku kolam. The blue coloured modern art design is super. Sowmya's colour powder is well used.AAadi pooram and AAdi perukku kolams ready Yaa?
( Only for Rani's kolam I could comment with filter coffee.)

Suguna Murugesan's picture

appappa enna azhagu kola quin(rani)!!!!-suguna murugesan

BalaChandrasekaran's picture

blue colour is very attractive, and my favourite orange colour is also there,superb Rani.

umaraja's picture

this shape is so pretty rani, very detailed with orange curves

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u rajamma mam(yes...have some designs in mind ...will do them on tues and d aadi 2nd velli and aadi amaavaasai kolam is in my q...haha), thank u suguna,bala and uma...

BharathiKRaman's picture

lovely colour kolam and nice imagination and good usage of colours, as i had said, we see mostly during weekends, and comment ,so pls see. we have also commented on others,nothing personal about not seeing others. as My MIL is very fond of kolams, she loves any type and encourage. so pls dont mistake.

malar anand's picture


dibbutn's picture

Wow Rani maam, I loved the neatness of this kolam, so very beautifully done dear. The orange color is soooo good here. I am really jealous of u for possessing this orange color.

subashini's picture

so beautiful kolam Rani.and the border is very beautiful.I like it very much.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u bharathy amma, malar, push(oh u like this orange shade aah..ok ..ok...i will keep it in mind),thanks suba...

smahalakshmi's picture

Wow, Rani Superb work dear. Beautifully done.


nithyaashok's picture

Excellent Rani Mam, the blue with orange (Rani Maha Rani, Kola Rajiyathin Rani)

vasanthi's picture

lovely and beautiful kolam rani mam...excellent colour combo.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u maha, nithya(enna vechu comedy geemedy onnum illaye...u r not trying to tease me na), and vasanthi....

nithyaashok's picture

cha, cha, Kola Rani-a poi comedy pannuvena, Ranien puzhal valzha! Valzha pallandu! Valarga pallandu! Neen Sevai ikolalathukku thevai!

ammuchandhini's picture

Haha...niths dear its been so long since we had a jolly chat like this remember during last yrs purattaasi spl first day kolam...u provoked me so much that at last we ended upon a discussion on, u, lata, judy all...haha

nithyaashok's picture

Yes, yes, nowadays, so busy with office work, not able to chat like this, even now, having lot of work, if my Manager comes to my table, that's the end of me, but still can't stop my kolam passion!

nithyaashok's picture

Yesterday, i finished my work at 4.30 and had lunch only at 4.45. While having lunch i told my hubby that if Rani mam, visited our house today, we will have good fun, you know why? ysterday i put "Sani" in my house for Aadi 18. Such a lovely look, but unfortunately no time to put kolam, and the camera is in my husband's office. Morning so sadly putting kolam in that floor, thought of clicking in mobile, but in my mobile it won't be so clarity. So dropped the idea.

ammuchandhini's picture

Che che bad luck pa...u shd've done a fast fast freehand atleast and could've taken d pic atleast in ur mobile...u know what my first 100-150 kolams were taken only from my mobile phone....i think i already said it to u...anyways...staying so so far away in coimbatore and u thinking of me...oh...oh..aananda kanneer than pa....tears of joy all over my keyboard...hahaha

julien's picture

ராணி மேடம் எப்பவும் போல
கலை கட்டுது உங்களின் கைவண்ணம்


smahalakshmi's picture

Wow, Sani mozhigina floor la kolam ma..... Will be looking very very beautiful.

ammuchandhini's picture

Yes maha ...that too sani(cowdung) on a cement floor...imagine...whenever i see niths kolams i just admire her greenish floor more than anything else....

julien's picture

rani mam last 2 weeks i am sending more kolam... but till now not come... any prob...

ammuchandhini's picture

I was about to ask u yesterday itself julien...why now-a-days r u busynnu....anyways u can clear ur doubt with lata if ur kolams have reached lata....thanks for ur comment pa...i missed my last comment...

julien's picture

rani mam thanks for your suggestion... ok mam i will wait...

vijaysowmya's picture

Wow!!! Awesome work by you Rani... wonderful shading with blue neatly and perfectly know even the very small place in my lobby is no more available and I am struggling to put even a medium sized only drawing very simple kolams outside pa...trying to sort it out.

lakshmiraghu's picture

lovely and beautiful kolam .nice shading

thara rani's picture

Excellent.............Rangoli Madam
No words to describe it..
Thank you for giving us such marvellous RANGOLI.........

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u sowmi(so sad pl try to find some way...but u can do ur kolams in ur puja room na...we have seen lot of lovely ones on that wonderful floor), thank u laksh and thanks thara rani....thanks again....

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

lovely colour lovely design perfect kolam ...what a neatness.....It is too god dear
"nila aakashdalli patanga hondu haruthide
nodi idara horalannu paxigalu stabbiside
suryadevaru nintu idara shundarya ariutide
tanna prakashada agatyavillvendu adake tilidide "

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u rekha mam and double thanks for ur poem too....

alameluranganath's picture

nice and gud one.

Padma Prakash's picture

Lovely......Lovely........Lovely ...........and very very lovely kolam RAni. from where do you get so much patience.

Anisutide Yaako indu.....
edanne noda bekendu.................
Maayada Lokadinda
RAni ida tandalendu
Aaha Enta Madhura Drushyavoo.....
Modi maadutiruve Raaaaniiiii Haage Summane......e .. ee. ..e
(This is one of the famous kannada song (Remixed) from movie "MUNGARU MALE")

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

padma please traslate my silly poem for ammu

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u priya, padma(so u too r so so creative na...look at ur instant poems...amazing dear..rani tandaal edukkurannu mattum sollalaye...u haven't said that rani is doing some dumbbell exercise na...haha ) and thank u rekha mam...

Padma Prakash's picture

OK Rekha, I will try to my level best..

A butterfly is flying high in the blue sky
Birds are dumbstruck looking at the movement of butterfly
Son witnessing this scene (says to himself)
the self luminous kolam (by RANI??) may not require my sunlight to shine.

Is that ok na..... Rekha...

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

padma beauuuutiful translation and thank you dear .only small spelling mistake in place of sun it has written son
A butterfly is flying high in the blue sky
Birds are dumbstruck looking at the beauty of the butterfly
Sun witnessing(enjoying) this scene (says to himself)
the self luminous kolam (by RANI??) may not require my sunlight to shine

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u padma for d wonderful translation...and rekha mam...kya jiiii....kamaal kiya aapne....u r such a gifted person being able to convert ur thoughts in words....thanks a lot mam....