Dotted kolam

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About Dotted kolam:

Friday kolam dot 13 x 3, I dedicate this kolam to rani mam, who inspired me to apply colours in chikku kolam.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Dotted kolam


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WoW!! Vasanthi, What a beautiful sight, I like the colors used for the flame of diyas. Great work dear.
Rani should be happy to see this.

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lovely dedeication!-suguna murugesan

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wow!!wonderful colouring......looks like a mat......very very beautiful creation...waiting to see more from you vasanthi......

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Aah...what to say vasanthi....though we don't know personally we all share such nice friendship here...thanks for this lovely treat dear....sure it must've taken a lot of time to colour each and every block...great job done by u...thanks again....

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very neat and cute presentation vasanthi.lovely color combination also.

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Very neat and nice! I think we can start a new topic with 'dedication kolam'!

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Wow!!!! Very neat and attractive.

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Oh Vasanthi, this is so gorgeous and beautiful... looks like giant vilakku colored and glowing in beauty.

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Excellent gift to a special person. The kolam is also very special. Rani madam, engaiyooo poitenga!!!!

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Wow, very neatly presented. Lovely work Vasanthi. Rani mam should be very happy to see this.


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Nice bed and pillows .Ahhhhhhhhhh…(yawning dear )Can i sleep in this lovely colourful bed?

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a grand gift to our queen, vasanthi i admire ur bold lines and neatness, fantastic

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thank you sooooo much vinci mam, suguna mam, lakshmi mam, Rani mam (i feel we are very much lucky and proud to be friends through ikolam), suba, jayamohanji, Veni mam (thank u so much mam, I miss your chikku kolams now-a-days mam), thank u push, thank u nithya, mahalakshmi mam, julien mam,

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Thank you Dr. Rekahji (of course mam, with pleasure, I also love to make a special flower bed to you mam), many thanks uma mam.

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Thank you Dr. Rekahji (of course mam, with pleasure, I also love to make a special flower bed for you mam), many thanks uma mam.

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Eagerly waiting for the flower bed dear .But, now u have t face rani as u offered already gifted bed(as I was not aware when I demanded) to me to sleep. On that for secretary u r going t make flowered bed and for her boss(big tom )only checks bed ?

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Dr. Rekhaji! no worry, I can handle our boss (big tom), she is very kind enough that she will not demand for a flower bed and also she is contented with my checks bed (romba nalla pillai paaaa avanga)

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Superb kolam Vasanthi.... a great visual treat for us...I like the way you have converted the kolam into diyas...a very neat and patiently done kolam.

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Wonderful conversion of the kolam to giveadiferent look. The colour choice and the pattern add beauty to this:)

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With your designing and colouring, you have converted a simple chikku design into a grand deepam kolam!! Lovely work, Vasanthi..... and a nice dedication to Ms.Rani.

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soo pretty ma'm ....this is too good....very nice coloring