dotted kolam

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this is dotted kolam and it is very difficult to draw.

Rangoli: dotted kolam


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Beautiful birds!
I would like to know the dot count and style for this particular design. If you post those details, you would be making it somewhat easier for members who might be interested in trying this pattern. Smile

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Nice kolam and birds are so lovely. Please give us the dot count.


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Extremely beautiful and lively birds. Perfect matching colours used.

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Beautiful parrots. It remained me of our parrot (RAmu).Very popular .He survived for 25 yrs .My elder brother brought just born baby without fur, feather on its body. My mummy use to feed him ground chenna and we use to feed water with the dropper .He use to speak fluently in Hindi .Whenever any guest used to come at our place they used to ask for Ramappa first .He used eat food with our tali. May be surprising but he used to eat the milk cream (from two litters of Milk).When my mother use to keep milk for boiling he use t lift the small plate and make sound so that my mummy won’t forget to feed him the cream .Use to take bath everyday with shampoo(foreign one)except in winter. Only remained in cage at night that also when he wanted to sleep. Rest of the day he use to move around the house or sit at the window gril and used to watch the people moving in the road .He used to call me reku but when he was angry (if I am late from college) then he used to shot Rekaa…loudly so entire colony used t come to know that I am late today. He came to my house when I was in seventh std and died when my daughter was 2 yrs old. If possible I will upload is photo, as most of the time he used sit in my shoulder or my sister’s shoulder.

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Nice bird kolam...looks good with colours...

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Lively parrots and flowers. Your colouring is extremely nice.

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Beautiful birds.. with cute flowers... Rekha Mam!!! I luv to see your parrot plz... upload the photo....

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Cute green parrots and lovely colorful flowers. How you caught then inside the 'Dots"?i

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lovely parrots, rekha waiting to see ur ramu

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Lively parrots and flowers

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very beautiful parrots merged with different colours outside...

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very beautiful and cute parrots. One is doing "Thadasana" and the other "Shirshasana". The colour and the shading have made them look alive. Thank you.

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Nice deep shading for the parrots. You could have made the beaks also a little curved like that of parrots! Attractive on the whole! Good memories shared by Rekhaji!'s picture

Nice kolam dot counts please.Sweet memmories Rekha mam. Iam waiting to see your ramu.