dotted kolam

Lovely kolam suba...just because d kolam is flipped it gives a new look ...beautiful pa....
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indira sundar
Very beautiful Subaji... thanks ..-Indira Sundar
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This is the advance of chikku kolams Rani - all of them can be flipped in a different direction to give a totally new look. Suba you have really done a wonderful job here. You have chosen good colours and the entire kolam stands out perfectly. Only wish you could have uploaded a bigger image so we could have enjoyed this more :)
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sorry please read as - This is the advantage of chikku kolams...
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Mann tharayil potta chikku kolam? very good work done in P.C. The colored lines are looking great. I love the dots also. Suba, how much time it took for you to do? rajamma
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Good work Subashini.. Soothing colors with smooth and neat curves are done in perfect. Nice Back ground color and texture too....
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very beautifully done sikku kolam ....
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Suba very pretty kolam dear and so neatly done by you... well done
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Sabash Subashini! Red instead of pink will look brighter, I feel!
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Very Nice kolam suba. Good choice of colours
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Padma Prakash
Wonderful kolam Subhasini. Day by day you are coming out with best PC kolams.
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Subashini, beautiful kolam :) (Neenga PC kolathil yengeyo poyittirukeenga!)
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Very nice embroidery kolam. Neatly executed in MS paint. Mahalakshmi
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Thank you Rani,Indra, veni, jude, rajam(according our mood, design, the time may vary .I did it in , I think one hour.) vinci,malaranand, vijaysowmya,pushpa,jaya, sreegiri, jasree,padma,brindha, kameswari, mahalakshmi,and sudha.
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