Dotted Kolam 11 - 1

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About Dotted Kolam 11 - 1 :

Please click on the blue arrow located at the bottom of the dot grid, to view the animation.

Chikku Kolam
Dotted kolam


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nice.animation helps me to learn it easy

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Thank you Usha! I'm surprised to see your comment.

Actually, this kolam was published a long time ago, and although members had seen it even when this kolam wasn't in the front page, no one had taken a moment to comment. I don't know which one doesn't deserve a comment here, the kolam or the username. It is very kind of you! Smile

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Both the reasons in fact deserve to comment this Lata. I always wonder your enthusiasm not only in kolams but also in encouraging your children to learn many useful as well as things related to our culture in spite of being so far away. (of course, distance is no matter now-a-days).

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may i know were u r lata. this kolam is also very beautiful. surely this site is as i said in ur earlier kolam comment unites us all like a family. and lata she pavam takes such pains to publish each and every one of our kolams. keep up this gud work mam. God Bless u dear.

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excellent. iam anu from kerala. i want some simple designs. will u please send some in my email

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looks super,i like this sikku kolam

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I liked this kolam very much. The distance between the second and the third line (3 dots and 5 dots) has added to the beauty of the kolam.

I think there was some voting some time back for selection between chikku kolam, rangoli, etc. What is the result? Or is the result not out yet.

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Lovely brown and white beauty Lata.

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Beautiful and tempting chocolate kolam for us lata...thanks dear...:)

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Great work Smile See the cafe section. Regards! - mOhana

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mam this was nice can u send me chikku kolam