Dotted kolam

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About Dotted kolam:

Hai to all...this dotted kolam 15-5times till 5...was done by me...ur views pl...

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Dotted kolam


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Excellent ammu mam!!! Hmm....... Naan eppo idumadiri podaradu?

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you are really ' a great talented lady'.

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very nice kolam which is done beautifully and neatly....

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Thank u Jasree, Sudha...(overppa....nippaattikonga idoda...appuram azuduven...he he...) and thank u Sowmya again....

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Neat and beautiful,rani

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Ithu "+" or "x" kolam? ethuvaga irundalum athanudan superai serkavum...
Very appealing kolam..

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Ur kolam looks so pretty Rani mam.


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Thank u Veni, Vinci and Maha....

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Beautiful kolam with very nice colored design : )

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Rani maam pretty podikolam and neatly done by you... I had done the same kolam when I was newly learning how to do maakolam (

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superb!!the strokes are very uniform.....looks really nice

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the colour in the centre add the beauti.

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How do you manage to put the podi so neatly? Mine gets spread everytime I try sikku kolam with podi!! Please let me know the trick!

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beautiful kolam.

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Thank u anu, push(ya...i too saw it nice maakolam), meenakshi, viji mam, riya(nothing spl pa...i don't know how to explain...but if i do a kolam on a smooth surface may be d podi gets sprinkled just as u have its a cement floor u may not see it... and thanks sreegiri...

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X Machi, Y Machi.... I am reminded of this song from Gajni.... Super X Kolam Rani - very neatly done Smile

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Thanks dear judy....

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Very nice and intelligent kolam. Very neatly put podi kolam.

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oh rani mam, i did'nt notice your kolam, otherwise i would have tried some other.. analum unga levela touch panna mudiyathu...anyway thank you mam