Doted Rangoli

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Hi Friends
This is a big rangoli, which I found online. I thought of sharing this huge rangoli with all of you. Hope every one like this rangoli. This is really amazing rangoli.


Rangoli: Doted Rangoli


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WOOOOOOOOOOOW, such a breathtaking beauty. I wonder how many days they took to finish them and how many took part in doing this wonderful art of work. Thank you Sridevi dear for sharing it with us Angel

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amazing thanq for sharing!

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omg spell bound thanks a lot sharing

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OMG....what a huge curious to know where this was created and how many experts had their hands in this awesome rangoli....thanks a lot sridevi for sharing this beauty....:)

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Marvellous. Thanks for sharing.

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Very very beautiful rangoli looks very grand. Actually here in thane during Gudipadwa(Maharashtrian new year),diwali and other main festivals they draw samuhik rangoli(group rangoli)with many people drawing a huge rangoli. They do it in an open ground.

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awesome..thanks for sharing

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fabulous sridevi, thanks for sharing.

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I am happy to know that every one liked it. I don't know how many participants took part in this huge rangoli. Ammu mam this mega rangoli is created at Thane as per the image.

Thanks Sowmya mam you gave nice information regarding Gudipadwa (Maharashtrian new year) and group rangoli with many people.


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very nice.Thanks for sharing.