Doll decor contest

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About Doll decor contest:

These marappachis are decorated by me as a part of the vilaiyaadal saamaan for my son's wedding. The panchakacham and the 9 yards draping are done by Jaya Mohan and the turban, angavastram, hair for the lady, jewellery and the accessories for both are made and done by me.

marapachi doll decor contest 2010
Rangoli: Doll decor contest


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Just awesome!! Its so beautifully dressed up!! Loved it! Can you please tell me how u do the hair, cos I also tried the hair with woollen threads but it did not come out this neat. How do u make the kunjalam part and the matted hair on the head? Also loved the turban and the dhoti!

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It looks very grand after attaching the jewelleries , glitters nad turban! Tastefully decorated!

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You could have just uploaded picture 1 and 2 side by side - that way we could have got to see a bigger version of this pretty couple. I love both costumes but the groom's is really very grand. Additional decoration is very nice and her jadai + alankaram looks so neat and very cute. All the best Smile

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Nice decorations.

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Very neat! The turban has come out really beautifully. The stars on the saree also stands out

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Nice decoration and they look very cute : Groom's turban looks amazing Smile
All the best !Saras

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hi ,very fine.good luck.

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The pancha kacham and turban looks very nice and the madisaar has come out very well...the ornaments go well with the saree.

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The bride's jewellery are too cute.. Cute couple.. All the best.

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wow soo pretty...i like the way the dhothi is drapped to the groom, with fine details, even at the back. looks perfect with turban....all the best.

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Jayanthy mam...I just loved ur second image where d dolls r turned back for us to get d backside view of d decorations done....sooooo cuuuuuute...

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wow real decorated sweet couple(Jaya will Jayanthi share half of the prize if she win?)\

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The hair decoration is very nice!

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wonderful Jayanthi.
Hair dress is beautiful, so also the jewels.
Yellow color saree looking Mangalagaram.(Did your son and DIL enjoyed this ?)

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Very sweet.I love the hair.

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very nice decoration jayanthi.use wig for the hair?I like the bridal make up very cute couple.

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excellent jayanthiji.....all the best

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Jayanthi maam excellent decorations...

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Great and good efforts

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great and good effort

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thnx for showinh from both sides,
her hair is very cute.