Diwali Rangoli (contest entry_56)

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Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008

Rangoli: Diwali Rangoli (contest entry_56)


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Seems like you have a similar entry,..this one has an additional border.
Nice work.

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That is right, this person's entries were a rangoli with the border and the other without it.

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5 stars Smile

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Good colours

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Good colours

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Great job! Chitra

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The Border with Maav highlights an already beautiful koal! Excellent work - pushpa

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item number 56 is excellent colour combination, and pleasing to look at.
S Krishnan

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Nice color choice. Looks good.

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beautiful colors

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looks awesome!

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Awesome rangoli keep it up!

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Bright colors and wonderful combination, I had the feeling that the base was a thermocol . Excellent design.