Diwali rangoli contest

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Here is my entry for the Diwali rangoli contest. Hope everybody likes it.
Thank you.

Diwali Contest 2009
Rangoli: Diwali rangoli contest


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Nice one... the design inside the lamps have come out very nicely... is it a stencil?

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Beautifuly done.. Red plays important role .. all the best

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Thank you. Yes it is a stensil

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I seem to have seen this earlier. All the comments of mine then apply even now. Very good work.

If you enjoy in what you do, you are certainly a winner
If you excel in your efforts, you are certainly a winner
Good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful rangoli.
All the best!

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Red definitely makes the kolam look bright.. would have looked better had you covered the flame of the lamps also.... All the best Smile

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niced design..

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nice rangoli.The pattern on the lamps is good.

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good one, if the flames from diyas were also captured then it wud have been too good

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Design, nice
drawing and coloring, good
Photo could have taken in a better angle to show the flamesof the diyas.

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beautifully done excellent colour combination,if photo was to be taken in a top view it would be still better.

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nice rangoli,the design inside the lamps looks nice

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The design on the diyas is very nice.All the best.

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Neatly done.

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Thank u verymuch for everyone.. All your comments gives me more energy to work.
thank you so much.

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Intricate work. Good design

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Your snap does not cover the flame of the diyas! Good attempt!

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Nice design, good luck


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Nice work and good usage of stencils.. Red dominates. You could have covered the flame color as it would have balanced the color combination... All the best!!

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