Diwali rangoli

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This is a sanskarbharti rangoli.Has the spiral kendradhwani,swastik ,some auspicious symbols decorated with colours.Hope it gives joy to all.I took 10 to 15 minutes to do this.It's all free hand & no stencils.

Rangoli: Diwali rangoli


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Thanks a ton for all your appreciation.I offer my rangoli to shree swami samartha first.It's my way of thanking the supreme.

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so beautiful dear!

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Thanks suges.Nice to .now u liked it.

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Such a huge and colourful rangoli done so fast...superb dear...

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Dear ammuchandhini ur appreciation means a lot to me.Thank you so much....

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Very beautiful and colourful SB rangoli.

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Thanks for those wonderful comments.

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very beautiful rangoli.

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Dear subashini thanks for ur appreciation.

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Very nice.

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Dear veena thank you .....

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Wow, Kavita, so beautiful SB rangoli done in 10 minutes!!!!!!. Excellent.