Diwali Contests 2010

Agilas Mon, 11/15/2010 - 09:21

Bold and beautiful rangoli...i know what means by 2 hrs...hahaha...all d best...
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Quite pretty with nice colours. Good design for a dinner plate. My only other comment is the colours have been used randomly without generating any symmetry. I like the confident white strokes. This year, I decided not to grade anyone. agilA ma'am, your enthusiasm and participation makes you already a winner in my opinion. Regards! - mOhana
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Good effort, with nice design elements drawn on the colored background. Best wishes and thank you so much for participating in the contest. :) Rangoli contest 2010 results will be announced on November 20th at 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time (that will be November 21st 7:30am Indian Standard Time)
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