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The design for this kolam is from a saree. It's a background design. We can't see that very clearly but still i saw that. I can't believe that i started to see kolam in everything i see now. Thanks to Latha for this. Hope u like this kolam. Ur comments n suggestions pls.

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Rangoli: Designer saree kolam


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lovely padma...same is d case here we...(myself and veni go out to temples...)we start staring at all d vaasals and even a big vaasal without a kolam saying that evlo periya kolam podalam idile....he he...

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So cute with beautiful colors. I'm excited to see all the inspiration kolams..

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wonderful design rajusree.. this shows your passion for this art.. I know someone who does kolam with dosa maavu.. hehe Smile


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Padma maam, very beautiful one... yes Ikolam has made us become so very passionate about kolams... I too keep seeing kolams in everything... recently I was staring at a cushion cover and was thinking this will make such a nice kolam... Saras maam u forgot to mention the chutney!!! Smile

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Rajusree, very nice and beautiful design with stripes. and a nice combination of colours too.

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கண்டதே காட்சி கொண்டதே கோலம்-ன்னு சொல்லுவாங்க! இவங்களுக்கு கண்டதெல்லாம் கோலம் நினைவில் எப்போதும் ikolam போல! Welldone Rajusree!

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lovely kolam Rajusree.You are not only the person , to see kolam in every thing,we, all members in ikolam,have same passion about kolams."yengenggu kaanilum kolam"

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Beautiful design,padma

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Beautiful Rajusree, The design is very pretty. Yes we all have got adict to kolams after becoming members of ikolam. Its like a disease which spreads from one to other.

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very nice design...colour combination is very nice...

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nice work mam

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wonderful execution of the inspiration, Padma. neat strokes and good colour choice:)

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lovely design rajusree mam.

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pretty design.

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Nice design and well colored.
Rajusree, I think most of ikolam members are like u only. Anything that resembles kolam we want to share with other members, any floor whether its is a Mall, office premises or in a new house looking clean and bright my hands gets an urge to put a simple kolam atleast on that floor. A big vaasal in front of any house with out kolam makes me sad!
Really we are kolapayiththiyangal only.

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Generally people put kolams everyday at their entrance just because they have to - since it is a ritual?? or a normal practice?? If you notice, it is only a few common kolams that get repeated every alternate day or so. Only during Margazhi you get to see a different range of kolams, since the spirit in the air then is to out beat the next door neighbour or the lady down the street or something like that. But here at ikolam, everyday is margazhi. All members try to put new kolams everyday because it gets uploaded and everyone not only enjoy the kolams but also comments on their creativity. At times they even point out some mistakes which might get overlooked due to our daily pressure and tensions (like for example Rani's kolam, where she forgot to put the curves on the top and Vinci had pointed out) and when we see the comments we can correct our mistakes. Helps us better our creativity and is very challenging. So comments are always welcome (Ramya are you reading this??)

When people are passionately fond of the kolam art they always see any design as a kolam, Here Padma, has transformed from making normal kolams to seeing every design as a kolam and creating good ones for everyone to enjoy. I am sure she will agree with me, as there was a time her kolams were just normal kolams but now I find so much life in each of her kolams. To notice the difference just check these two links and see the difference in the quality of her kolams. Her first upload and one of her recent uploads Unbelievable improvement which just goes to say that practice makes perfect.

Way to go Padma - pat on your back Smile

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Hi Rajusree, Great and neat work. I love this design and color combination.
Judy : Atlast have started posting comments. Thanks for ur encouragement. Smile

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Wonderful work!!!

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That's the spirit Ramya - keep it going on Smile

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nice design and coloring..-Indira Sundar