Designed astadhala padma rangoli

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About Designed astadhala padma rangoli:

This is a free hand rangoli drawn in front of my house on friday " FEBRUARY 13TH "

Rangoli: Designed astadhala padma rangoli


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what a lovely way to welcome the "taboo day" - calls for real patience....

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Judy,thank u so much for ur appreciation

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Lakshmi sure knows how to chase away the evil spirits!

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Lata,yes ur right.evil spirits afraid to come near to me,as i may ask them to hold the rangoli buckets when iam drawing.

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Lakshmi,most of ur kolams are placed in my favourites. I wonder how u hv put this with patient.Also share ur other hand works made.if u hv no problem give yr id to chat.

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madhuharini,thank so much it is comments from the people like u makes me to come out different id .ur welcome.

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looks as beautiful as nakshatra diamonds!

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Asha thank u very much

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Lakshmi excelent,thanks for design..i am going to give order to make pendent in this design! iam thinking long time for a good design...i like this one very much.

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Woww!! pendent!!! thank u very much Padmavathi.

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Lakshmi, i want to chat with u , how u creating such beautifull designs,rangolis??

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Anaga thanks a lot.

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star studded with diamonds? feel like putting it in ears / or making a pendent.Hats off to your patience.

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Rakjamma madam, a BIG thanks to u.

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Lakshmi all ur rangolis are very nice,neat . We learn manythings from u. now i have no time . but i will learn by ur gallery

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indira ,thank u so much..

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How to appreciate Lakshmi?? i have to go for a class!!really words to express my feelings.hats of to ur patience

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Priya thank u, calss??? for what?? no need...hahaha

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Hi, Beautiful one indeed. Then what is the aspecious in feb 13?
I enjoy the joke that you will give the kolamavoo packet to evil sprit.
ha ha ha

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Viji madam thank u.Feb 13 was a english horror movie.just remembered this, when i was drawning this rangoli on that day.