Design Kolam

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About Design Kolam:

I took this design from lakshmi raghu i think. only little changes i made. In maa kolam i put but she has put in kola podi. Her design is perfect.

Rangoli: Design Kolam


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alameluji, really wonderful inspirational kolam, a good try, i feel the design inside the outer petals tastes like a yummy kababs is not lakshmi !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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thank u sudha

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U have done justice to the copycat kolam, but for the circle, which could have been exact round.

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yes rajamma u r correct the round should have been perfect. illaya

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Alamelu maam nicely done... I always wanted to try out Lakshmi maam design but I am sooooooooooooooooooo scared to attempt it... she is such a perfectionist... Kababs!!! Smile Sudha maam I can see Jalebis also...

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lakshmi is a perfectionist i love her designs and i have tried. i must try more of her designs.

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Alameluji it has come up very good.iam very happy to see this kolam in ur style...

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lakshmi thanx a lot for your comment dear. thank u guru

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Nice '8' kolam! Madam, did you use a bud for thin lines or you did with fingers itself?

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i did with finger only jaya. nothing else. it is not that much thin i think

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wow alamelu mam the kolam looks soo beautiful with regards

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thank u very much ammu chandini.

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When I saw the design I thought it was Lakshmi's and I had to see the profile name again to confirm it was not her. Excellent xerox kolam Alamelu - very good attempt Smile Jaya maybe she has thin fingers (unlike yours hehe)

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thank u very much judy. thanx a lot
actually my fingers are not that thin but i try to put it thin by just touching only lil portion of my finger to the ground.

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Wow nice rangoli design.

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thank u aparna.