Delicate lace design

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This is a free hand delicate lace design rangoli,drawn in front of my house.

Rangoli: Delicate lace design


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Pretty, as usual!

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Thank u so much Lata

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The earth goddess is looking at her lover, the sky from under the delicate white
veil with a starry twinkle in her eye!

Regards! - mOhana

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mOhanaji,what a imagination!!thank u thank u...

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Appaadaa, Pizza hut tillirundhu idly kadaikku vandhaachu!!

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Rajammaji ... hahaha....excellent comments .. all laughing in my house, everyday they wait for your comments...Pavan enjoying lot...

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Vani many many thanks for ur appreciation.

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Lakshmi very very pretty!

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Indira many many thanx

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Wonderful and intricate work, Lakshmi.

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brindha thank u so much

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wow....g8 as usual, i wonder about your patience and accuracy you keep-up in all your designs. very very very very very nice.

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Anirudh avare thumbha dhanyavadhagalu

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many many thanks preethi