Deepavali Kolam - Daylight version

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About Deepavali Kolam - Daylight version:

Hi this is the day light version of my Deepavali kolam -2.

diwali 2010
Rangoli: Deepavali Kolam - Daylight version


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OMG...what an effort u have put in this rangoli let me know how long it took to finish this....

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Excellent mam.


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Excellent/Fantastic/Awesome/what not? I have opened the dictionar to search words...........

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no literal wrds 2 express this unique beauty

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no words to express its beauty.....
it would have taken lots of efforts....

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Beautiful work,especially the glowing lamps on the outer circle

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Fantastic. Looks beautiful in both light effects.

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Awesom raangoli Brindha...excellent colours ,strokes.....keep itup

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I like this version too, actually clearer than the night queen Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Pagalil or azhagu, iravil innor azhagu.....[ 1 type of beauty in the daytime, another type of beauty in the night]
[Lata, really have to think of the exact translation.........sometimes .I am not able to express exactly what comes in my mind if I have to translate it.]

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Wonderful rangoli............

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Excelleng work Brindaji. Looking more bright in the day light. Each version has its own beauty.

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Wow I can never say which looks better, both are sweet and beautiful and I am speechless at this beauty... I liked the shading for the lamps... hats off to u Brindha

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Very Nice Bright rangoli, definately a best one in the Diwali 2010 kolams.I like all your kolams and fan of your gallery.

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Thanks Jasree, Rani, maha, Padma, Uma, Mahima, Sumathi, Vinci, Lakshmi, JKM Sir, jaynthi, Veni, kameshwari,Pushpa and Veena. I am very happy you all liked this Smile

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Wow - happy to see the daylight version - totally another dimension here without the night effect lamps and all... SIMPLY SUPERB Smile

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simply superb,colouring is awesome ,what not to say everything is so nice!