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About DASARA 2010 : PRINT

This floral rangoli created by me on Maharnavami Day with the suggestions of my daughters Saranya and Amogha

navrathri 2010
Rangoli: DASARA 2010


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Very nice pookalam.


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Lovely shape and design! I like how the pink petals are lined up neatly around the inner circle. You sure know how to enhance your design further with a touch of powder on the sides. Smile

I also would like to answer to your comment right here, instead of searching for it. Yes, we could create an account for Padmamma, and we would like to give you a separate id for her. We can manage it separately. Smile

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Thank you Mahalakshmi and Latha. Latha! actually Saranya suggested to me to fold all the rose petals to back side and arrange for the design.

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:0! She is way ahead of you in her design skills. We have a saying in Tamil which loosely translates to "kid leaps far beyond than the mother"! I'm sure our Tamil experts can translate it better than me.
Thanks for pointing it out (made me take a closer look to enjoy it better).

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beautiful arrangement mahalakshmi mam.

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Thank you Usha

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Very beautiful and elegant. The center rose petal design is very cute and the outer stencil too.

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A wonderful attempt by Saranya and Amogha indeed - very pretty arrangement with a pretty blue stencil at the four corners Smile

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Thank you Judy Mam

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very wonderful pookalam...you have used the rose petals so nicely at the centre....the corner blue designs are beautiful...

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Thank you Padmaji and Sowmyaji.

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Wow the centre part look like designed cloth. Beautiful work

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This is o beautiful that I can smell the flowers across thousands of miles! What a great piece of patient work!

Regards! - mOhana

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Your team work with your daughters has produced a visual treat! Stencils are wisely used at four sides.

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very nice. I think your daughters are very artistic views.
Keep them do more.

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beautiful pookolam.

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Pretty display of flowers..

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Very filling pookkolam. The light pink layer looks like folded satin ribbon. kudos to 3 of u.

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Lovely pookolam...

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Lovely pookolam Kameshwari....so nice to have involved ur kids too in this...

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Rose petal arrangement in the centre is the highlight of this kolam

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Very Beautiful flower kolam.... -Indira Sundar