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About Daily-kolam-17:

This is a dotted kolam. The dot count is 9-5 interlaced and 3-2-1 on all sides. The lotuses are protruding inwards. Hope you like it.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Daily-kolam-17


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'Love"y lotus kolam on a mud floor

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Nice lotus kolam.


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Beautiful lotus kolam padma....d cocoa col gives a nice effect to d kolam....

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Thank you very much Rajamma mam, Maha and RAni. Rajamma mam its not mud floor. It is the norma stone. Due to the chillness I put rangoli during night instead of early morning. Since I have taken photo in night it looks like mud floor.

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Beautiful background and beautiful kolam Padma maam

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Nice kolam. The dark floor is matching with the kolam.

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lovely lotus kolam padma,

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very beautiful lotus kolam Padma ...

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looks different very nice

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Lotus or butterfly?? Looks nice and different Padma

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very nice kolam.

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Your daily kolam is very neat n different. Double side flower design is fantastic...

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Very nice kolam with different lotus design.

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beautiful lotus kolam.

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padmA's padmAs are pretty and cute Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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nice one..:-)

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Thank you friends for your nice words. JKM sir Is your mother toungue kannada? beautiful comment.

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i second jkm sir's words Smile ....very nice.

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Pretty Dancing Lotus Flowers. Very causal strokes, I like it Smile