Crosses and candles christmas rangoli with poinsettia

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During Christmas, people decorate their homes and places of worship (be it an altar at home or church) with strikingly beautiful patterns of kolams.

The following Christmas kolam is a symmetrical design which consists of four crosses and four candles with a touch of poinsettia in the middle. It is mostly made with lines and a few simple loops.

The grid of dots for this kolam has the following number of dots: the horizontal middle chunk has 4 rows of 18 dots each. There are 2 parallel rows above that middle chunk which have 8 dots each, and that is topped with 5 parallel rows of 4 dots each. There are 2 parallel rows below the middle chunk which have 8 dots each, and that is followed by 5 parallel rows of 4 dots each (one row below the other).

This design looks very beautiful when colored with the traditional bright colors of Christmas like red, green and gold.
Please click on the blue arrow located at the bottom of the dot grid, to view the animation.


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the sended kolam is very nice, in this you shown god jeesus so how candraw ift on the floor, if any bodu pus their foot step on it, it will be sin for me,so if posible try to send some other kolam.

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Very beautifully drawn.. I like the lit' poinsettia in the middle..


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Well designed, innovative thinking !!!.

- Priya K.

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I like your way of explanation about grid of dots than kolam.

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Very nice and colourful. Lataji!

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cute kolam. on good friday i will try it in my house.

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very nice and beautiful.

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beautiful design.. i like the candles/colour combination....looks cute and sweet...