Contest kolam-trial version

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Hai to all...actually did this rangoli for the diwali contest...although d colouring alone took 4hrs...was unable to do d detailed designs not satisfied..thought to share it anyways with you all now...eagerly waiting for ur views Smile

Rangoli: Contest kolam-trial version


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Woooow amazing sb rangoli rani.....colours r so beautiful.... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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The design is new, but I like your contest kolam than this!

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yippee ... tortoise rangoli... :bigsmile: Biggrin looks beautiful...

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Thanks sugu, jaya mam :bigsmile: and laksh.... :tired: u made :~ my day :O :O tortoise-aam-tortoise...pongappa Sad Wink

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:bigsmile: Blum 3

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Wow ma'am...what a striking and bright colour combination and innovative design! Biggrin Smile :star:

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Ranima this kolam looks good ... so many detailing has gone into making this but I liked your contest kolam better Blum 3 pls adikadhiga pa (pls dont hit me)

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colorful and grand,,, :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Rani, sema kalakkal kolam... so nice.

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Thanks priya, push darling Blum 3 ,uma and viji mam for enjoying this kolam and leaving ur comments Smile

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Beautiful freehand colour kolam. Very perfect circles and semi circles.

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Novel design, Lampaadi paavaadai design ple irukku. Multicolour/ mutidecoratin mela! I liked the red/ white beauty more than this. But for trials this is good.

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Thanks ananthi mam and thanks rajamma mam...hehe lambaadi paavaadai...ayyo u r so correct Blum 3 :bigsmile: in ur comment-- looks like i thought i have coloured even their tins Biggrin Blum 3

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Very very colourful looking rangoli Rani....looks pretty. Smile

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Very colourful overlapped circles. Looks very pretty and beautiful kolam Rani.

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So nice, awesome Rani mam! Novel design and beautiful colouring.

anirudh's picture'm you do trails before the actual implementation...that's soo great... nice lambaaNi design Wink

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Biggrin :bigsmile:

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indeed very very colourful like you dear.The design is so di;fferent and ;unique

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Thanks sowmi, padma, niths,anirudh+laksh Sad Blum 3 and rekha mam for enjoying this kolam and leaving ur comments Smile