Bhavani Mayilvahanan's picture

Hai , I'm uploading this kolam for MARGAZHI DEW DROPS CONTEST.....
Since this kolam is not made exclusively for the contest , I don't have the dot grid.
So I have made the dot grid at indoor and I'm uploading the same ...
The completed kolam has been made tody morning at outdoor..
hope u would accept the entry.....



jayamohan's picture

Hexagon chikku kolam is nice! You could have avoided the pink border. It is my view only!Otherwise looks great!

indira sundar's picture

Very big, colorful grand kolam .Flowers are looking very beautiful.....All the best!-Indira Sundar

ammuchandhini's picture

Lovely big kolam with nice bright cols used..all d best....

umaraja's picture

very colorful and bright, well drawn, good choice of colors, all d best

Vinci's picture

Bright and Attractive kolam. The stars are dazzling inside the flower. All the best Smile

dibbutn's picture

Lovely bright, colorful, and big chikku kolam... beautiful one

mvrajitha's picture

Grand big colourful kolam. Done a great job.

vijaysowmya's picture

Very big hexagonal chikku kolam with bright and beautiful colors...all the best...

chandy's picture

Very bright, beautiful kolam

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

Nice,neat colourful kolam.All the best

Indubabu's picture

Big and bright kolam with neat strokes. - Indu

Pragaya's picture

Very nicely drawn bright chikku kolam with good choice of colours. Yellow at the centre is nice. All the best.

subashini's picture

beautiful and colorful kolam.All the best.

veena manigandan's picture

Flowers in chikku kolam Great work - glad to see another interlaced chikku kolam. Very nice with bright colours.

rajapriyaks's picture

Coloruful kolam,,

judelined's picture

brigntly coloured kolam - looks neat - all the best

P.Veni's picture

Very nice. All the best.

lakshmiraghu's picture

very colorful and bright kolsm lookd grand..keep it up .all the best

brindhanagesh's picture

Nice kolam, with bright colours, another white border line accompanying pink might have increased beauty to this kolam. All the best.

maheshwarisekar's picture

colorful & attactive kolam .... best wishes!

bsindhuja's picture

Bright, flowery kolam is captivating. All the best.

kameswari's picture

Beautiful and colourful kolam Bhavaniji.

rajamma_2's picture

Bhavani madam , a colorful mela!
Design.... a well known design you have presented it in a colorful mood.
Dot count.....21-11 inbetwen dots. very neatly and symmetrically put.
Drawing. Thogh the design is repeated it needs careful drawing since the dots are inbetween dots. with out complication you have drawn this. I love the cute little star designs created perfectly inside the flower designs Yor strokes are . uniform and neat everywhere.
Coloring..... In chikku kolam instead of using color ezhai you have used it for filling. So it more or less looks like kolam-rangoli. Coloring is very symmetrical and bright . The inner cute star colored differently looks cute.
The base..... I think it is a dark color floor. So your outer dark pink border is very much striking. It could have been a different light color.
Photography is good.
So it is a ' bright Rangaavali'

Bhavani Mayilvahanan's picture

Thank U friends for your comments and wishes.
Regarding that pink border I was in a confusion wheter to make it or not but finnaly to hide the previous day's kolam colours I made it ..... I think it has not suited this kolam...
And Rajamma mam , thank u for your detailed comment...

smahalakshmi's picture

Nice Hexagon chikku kolam.


smahalakshmi's picture

Sorry, the previous comment got posted before completing. Very colourful and bright. All the best.


anirudh's picture

bright and colorful, nice to see hexagonal sikku design...i think only few of us have tried in this extra white outline to the pink border would have highlighted it more, just a thought...all the best

indu.rkc's picture

bright&beautiful kolam

Padma Prakash's picture

Very colourful kolam with lot many colourful lovely stars. All d best.

hema131177's picture

Bright and colourful chikku kolam . All the best.

p_malathi's picture

bright and beautiful