Computer Kolam

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The kolam might be familiar to many. I just tried drawing it digitally. I designed this in Macromedia flash software. Smile

Rangoli: Computer Kolam


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It's bold and beautiful!

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this looks brightfull

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i would really like to know how to draw kolams on the computer. Can you help me Haripriya? I would like to start with forming the dots grid digitally according to the need and doing a free hand drawing job using a mouse maybe.

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Thank you lata mam,brintha mam Smile

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And about drawing kolams in computer,I use the Macromedia flash software which is used for making 2d animation. But i think u can even draw in paint(but wont turn out too perfectly).
Maybe u can use google to find out how to draw in flash.I ll surely post links when i come across.
In flash, u can create the dots grid easily by duplicating one layer. Later u can join dots n draw d kolam using 'line' tool option,u can create arcs by using the 'selection' tool.then, u can hide d dots grid as i hav done in this kolam. Practice is needed.
Try to find time and browse through tutorials Smile

Wish u good luck in d task! Smile

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how many dots