colour kolam

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About colour kolam : PRINT

Ammavasai special kolam. this kolam is made by my mother-in -law.[nirmala]

Rangoli: colour kolam


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Beautifully drawn! Smile

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wow...a lovely kuzhal kolam...whenever i see anybody's kuzhal kolam...i remember brinda mam's ones.....

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Very neat kuzhal kolam. I think ur MIL is related to Brindha madam' MIL.The outer smiling lips are very cute.

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Yes, very similar to Brinda's kuzhal kolams. Nice one. Pass on our praises to your mother in law.

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Thank you for giving us this beautiful kolam Nirmala (Aruna please pass on this message to her). Thangam aunty has surely trained everyone in her family so well that everyone is able to dish out special kolams for all of us to enjoy - BEAUTIFUL Smile

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Beautiful design, Anni Smile
Nirmala is my SIS:) whenever Aruna's kolam comes, i am also remembered Smile Thanks everyone for giving such a credit ! Judy, you are right that Thangam aunty has trained us well to make kolams with perfection. Whenever I make kolams, she used to guide me to make it more beautiful as well as perfect Smile

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Very very beautiful Nirmalaji..-Indira Sundar

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Wow Picture perfect kuzhal kolam... Nirmala maam very very beautiful one

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Very beautiful kuzhal kolam.

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romba nanna irukku

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Quite nice slices of pink, blue, green and yellow "taMgam". Beautiful!

Regards! - mOhana

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Romba nanna irukku.

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Really you should have pacience to draw this kuzhal kolam very beautifully.ரொம்ப நன்றாக இருக்கு.

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Aruna you are making extremly b'ful designs thru kuzhal.. Simply superb! This design is really awsome..