Colorful Ducks

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This colorful Ducks kolam was done by Mrs.Geethamirtham's daughter during the season of Marghazhi. (In south India, Tamilnadu, the winter months called Margazhi begin around mid-December and last until mid-January).


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ducks is nice and beautiful but no dots. can u write the no of dots for us thks

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ducks are really lovely. pls write how many dots.

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the dots for the above kolam is 17 dots 5 lines till 5...straight dots.


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its 17-3-3... straight dots.

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hi u said about the dots can u plz tel me what is 17-3-3 means

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i dont understand how dots are drawn

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what is meant by 17-3-3. really i tried it but didnt get.plz help me na