Chukki Rangoli

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Just have a look at these. This may be used as a daily rangoli. Drawn using colour chalks.


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Padma maam, very nice kolam

Padma maam, very nice kolam i can remember another song, jo jo krishna paramananda, jo jo gopiya nanda mukundaaa jo jo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Soory for the late reply. I

Soory for the late reply. I had missed this as it has passed when i have not logged on to ikolam.

Sorry lata, Chukki means - dot. the other meaning is "Star" Sometimes we call this rangoli as "Gantina Rangoli" i.e sikku means - Gantu - Complex etc. Finally there are 3 types
1. CHUKKI Rangoli - Dotted Rangoli - i.e rangoli with dots either straight lines or curved.
2. Gantina Rangoli - Sikku Kolam - which is very complex as the curves are not easy to follow.
3. Ele Rangoli - Free hand rangoli's with lines. "Ele" means lines either single/double/four strokes.

Lata it is not your ignorance, even i dont know lot many words in Tamil. Now my tamil vocabulory is getting improved from iKolam. Thank you for that.

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Cute blue hearts and cute

Cute blue hearts and cute kolam

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Nice chukki kolam with pink

Nice chukki kolam with pink border Padmaji. I think chukki means star also. (am i right?)

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Lakshmi not only did the

Lakshmi not only did the kolam fall asleep I am also feeling sleepy after hearing your thaalattu (lullaby)... Very cute chikki chukku kolam Smile

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Padma avare nice chukki

Padma avare nice chukki rangoli...yes Lata chukki means dots...Oh!!swing for chukki rangoli..Hmm...jojo chukki jojo ...belli sarapali mele mutthina thottilittu....Anirudh/sudha.. pl..continue the song..

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Padma, your chalk kolam

Padma, your chalk kolam sitting in a nice Sofa?
Lata, chukki means dot in Kannada.

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Nice Chukki rangoli Padma.

Nice Chukki rangoli Padma. You've provided a swing for your dotted rangoli. Cute hearts.
By the way, please tell me what "chukki" means. Does it mean dotted? Pardon my ignorance, I don't know even the common words in languages other than tamil, hindi and english. But, I'm willing to learn. Smile