Chukki Rangoli

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Bangalore - india

This is one of the rangoli drawn during Ayudha Pooja Festival at our office.


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nice and neat.

nice and neat.

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Beautiful blue valentines

Beautiful blue valentines rangoli. Smile

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Anirudh, the lotus is

Anirudh, the lotus is looking like ur origami lotus. A different thought.

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Padma maam, are you from

Padma maam, are you from bangalore ? This is very nice presentation of kolam and stencil kolam . the tiny chiku kolams looks very cuuuuuute.

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Yes, i am from bangalore.

Yes, i am from bangalore. born, brought and living now - Complete Bangaloorean Sudha

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Padma I am sure God must

Padma I am sure God must have been very pleased by the offering. The kolam has also come out well. I would love to see a closer picture of that tiny white stencil chikku kolam on top - please try and upload for me Smile

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Judy, as your wish i have

Judy, as your wish i have uploaded the magnified inner stencil rangoli. Link has been attached. Are u happy

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ok judy i will try that

ok judy i will try that definitely for u dear

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decoration look

decoration look grand!!rangoli come out very nice..ys anirudh this is modern lotus!!

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Padma maam cute lotus

Padma maam cute lotus kolam... perhaps if you had used white or a brighter color for the stencil work it would have looked more beautiful... yet it looks nice

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Pushpa, this was drawn by

Pushpa, this was drawn by other section staff. I just collected and posted. Any how i will forward these suggestions to my friends.

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nice and neat ...first time

nice and neat ...first time seeing triple colored lotus Smile

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Simple and nice. rajamma

Simple and nice.