Chikku Swan kolam

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About Chikku Swan kolam:

A white swan in the chikku Rangoli White swan: Chikku Swan by RaghaRadha

Chikku Kolam
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White swan
swan chikku kolam
Rangoli: Chikku Swan kolam


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Wow! Looks so beautiful! Neat strokes, and the photography is very nice too. :bigsmile:

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Thank you admin. Could I know your name? I will be happy to thank you personally. & and I appreciate your interest of photography. tanq. RaghaRadha.,Mumbai.

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I'm Lata ( Lata Kalaimani). Smile
Nice to know you're from Mumbai.

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super!!! It looks real swan Smile

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Thank you Ms.Sridevipons and Ms.Chandy.