Chikku kolam with free lance border

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About Chikku kolam with free lance border:

Chikku kolam with free lance border to make it look festive and celeb ! I was lucky to take this picture before the sparrows tail-painted it to add their embellishments Smile !!

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Chikku kolam with free lance border


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Your strokes create a magic in your kolams.. And ofcourse the neatness need to be highlighted... Well made...

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Neat finish, symmetric sikku kolam. The border has also come out well. Thank you

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beautiful strokes...neat and sweet..

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Neat and beautiful.

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You have done an excellent job in the finish of this pretty kolam - the additional frills are bonus to the looks of this pretty one - the central flower is also very neat added touch manjal and kungumam Smile

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beautiful sikku kolam with even more beautiful freehand border...ur strokes r so good....

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Very neat and beautiful sikku kolam with nice border design

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Neatly done cute kolam

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Very nice work. You could have used two colours to distinguish the independent lines. I like it.

Regards! - mOhana

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Smile Yeah my amma always puts manjal kumkumam in the middle of the kolam and I follow her. Thank you.
I love the symmetry aspect of kolams the best ! As a kid I used to draw them on paper freehand and then insert dots later Smile took me time to understand how dots help. thankk you all