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A simple chikku kolam - dot counts 21-1 straight line drawn by me today. Your views please.

Dotted kolam


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lovely kolam, Vasanthi. Is it a combo of maakolam and kolapodi?

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Awesome fusion kolam vasanthi....lovely strokes as usual....

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Lovely fusion kolam. The colorful flowers inside the chikku kolam are adding the beauty.How u could get a pitch dark floor?

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Very attractive kolam!
Rajam, I think Vasanthi has colored the background using MS paint/photoshop!

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thank you brinda mam (its only a kolapodi kolam mam), rani mam, rajammaji (the background I'm using is black board sheet amma which we normally use in class rooms which is foldable), thank you jayaji (the background is not a computer work, only black board sheet amma, when I went to parry's corner, I saw it in one of the shop, a thought clicked in my mind, that I can use this for my small kolams), thank you all of your for your encouraging comments,

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Perfect beauty

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Speechless dear .what a great kolam .sooooooooooooo neat and combo of traditional and freehand kolam .colour selection is also too good .I like the idea of folding board .Even i shoud buy one .as i am very scared to make rangoli inside the house(as my house is very small )

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Thank you Dr. Rekhaji for your boosting comments. Yes ji, after clicking the kolam, we can clear it and rub it with wet cloth and it will be ready for next kolam...we can fold and keep it when not in use...(nice idea naaaaaaaa????)

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Very bright and attractive fusion kolam vasanthi.

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looks so ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mmm i dont know to xpress, lovely dear, something grand and grt, blackboard sheets? is it d usual one which kids use at home and roll it?

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thank u uma dear. yes da, the same black board sheet only, which we use in class rooms

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Superbbbbbbbb and a neat fantastic kolam. The idea of using black board is good and too had a thought of it and had told my hubby to get one. still waiting for that.

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Superb kolam and very neatly done. The flowers look very attractive with nice colors. so nicely thought of using a blackboard as your base Vasanthi

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colourful flowers in your chikku kolam., very nice...

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wonderful kolam vasanthi.

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thank you padma mam, sowmya mam, julien and suba for your encouraging comments.

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Very pretty kolam Vasanthi.