chikku kolam

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This is a single kolam of my previous kolam .I have drawn this already and send it now for your closer view.

Rangoli: chikku kolam


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Thanks for a closer view of the kolam.Maybe I'll give a try Smile
The full view of her kolam is here

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Nice kolam with good colour border.

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Thank you very much,suba

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Suba, this one is very nice and clear and all of us can give a try on the floor.

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RajamAmma, I'll try to join you this time. Maybe by next Wednesday.

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nice chikku kolam subha ma'm:)

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lovely kolam subashini mam.

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Nice sikku kolam, with attractive border.

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Thanks for the close up view Suba - I am also ready for this game this time Rajam - will try and upload as soon as I can - any more participants??

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Wow lovely!!! Thanks for this

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Your chikku design is beautiful! I am able to enjoy it more with this close-up view. Thank you, Subashini.

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Thank you vinci,pragaya,veni,rajamma,asha, usha, padma, jude and pushpa(please, avoid madam.Feel free to call me suba}

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Very nice sikku kolam Suba....I also want to take a chance to try this on floor.....

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The details are better visible now. Very intricate and pretty.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks for this suba...rajamma mam ...infact i have already booked my ticket in suba's earlier kolam itself...(that bigger version) don't leave me in this haven't done that big kolam...not believe me...hahaha

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lovely kolam....keep it up

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nice kolam.

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well detailed kolam

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Thank you jayanthi,jkm, Rani,lakshmi, sreegiri and umaraja.

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Very pretty chikku kolam done in PC...I will also join this try but at a later date..

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Thank you vijaysowmya.