chikku kolam

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About chikku kolam:

hai.. this is a chikku kolam 19-1 straight dots. ur views pls

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: chikku kolam


ammuchandhini's picture fav floor suguna....beautiful sikku kolam with even more beautiful border...just a thought pa...u could've put some pink col in d middle square parts...and in d centre round too....

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thanq rani for ur suggestions!! suguna murugesan

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very nicely drawn chikku kolam. Suguna, u r joining the Rani/ veni jodi to make it a "Mupperumdeviyar' of chikku kolams!

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rajamma mam... thanq for ur blessings! suguna murugesan

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Aahaa rajamma mam suguna must be on cloud nine ...what a title...what a title...hahaha

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Very neatly drawn sikku kolam,suguna

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Rajam, Sowmya-va vittuttiye! Make it 'naalvar ani' (நால்வர் அணி)!

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Lovely chikku kolam enclosed by Pink color.

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Perfect, neat strokes. The outer pink border is very nice.

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Rajam and Jaya idhu or chikkalaana matter, seri adhai vidunga (this is a confusing matter, anyway leave it) I need to comment on the kolam now. Suguna this kolam has come out very neatly and you have made it look prettier by putting that pink border but as Rani said if you had added a little more colour to the centre it would have been excellent..

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Yes, Jaya, Sowmya also came to my mind, but her efficiency in other fields like padikolams, and decorations in chikku kolams with wet maavu also made me keep her seperate from this group., Sowmya... hope no hard feelings.

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rightly said Rajam

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nice sikku kolam, congrats for joining in d rani veni super sikku team

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Excellent and well executed chikku kolam which looks very perfect . Very thin and neat strokes very casually flowing.
@Rajamma mam no no not at all mam ...In fact I should thank you a lot for being an inspiration to me as well as all our ikolam members...I always thank for your encouraging and genuine comments which helps us to improve our skills a lot.

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Beautiful chikku design, drawn very neatly too.. Suguna, your white and pink combo looks very cute...

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Wow!!! what a neat presentation. It is symmetric. Neat thin strokes, very good floor, bright podi, and an attractive pink border. On the whole, the kolam is excellent and very neatly executed. One more sikku specialist has given her grand entry.

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One of the prettiest patterns my eyes have witnessed! Great work. Do not be surprised if you read a blog on this soon Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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what i can comment after Rao sir's such a nice ,beautiful comment .excited to see the blog on this .I can only say WO>>>>…….W

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different design nice strokes.looks crispy.

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my dear frens....thanq so much for ur valuable comments!!! suguna murugesan

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Nice n neat sikku kolam with very attractive border.....

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Suguna please check JKM's blog that is inspired by this kolam of yours...