chikku kOlam - 3

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These are 3X3 dot string rangOlis with three strings. The explanations and
characteristics I gave for the earlier kOlams in the body and the discussion
sections apply for these too. Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: chikku kOlam - 3


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wow... so innovative, mohanji...... nice idea of using strings.....the mat type finish is really cool..... wud make my kid Dharun try out these... he already does like playing with all kinds of strings... this really wud keep him busy for sometime.... thanks a lot for sharing them.....


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JKM nice way of tempting kids to learning the art of kolams.... excellent idea..

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mOhanaji, if little girls see you playing with strings like these, they will take your strings away to play cat's cradle with you! And, that's just the beginning of the game!

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Actually, there is a book on the knots. The native Indians here are masters of this art.
My aim in these attempts is to explore the knot structures in simple kOlams. It is very
easy to lose track of the up and down movement and one has to repeat the whole exercice
once again;-)

Regards! - mOhana