Chennai Meet 2010

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About Chennai Meet 2010:

This is dedicated to Chennai meet 2010. Letz ROCK! (Dotted Kolam 30X30 some extra dots added on 4 sides)

Dotted kolam
IK favorite
Rangoli: Chennai Meet 2010


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hi madam,
so nice. can give me the method of preparing colour powder. such nice colours.plz.

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Amazing work! As you said - ROCK ON! Smile

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wow nice welcome carpet, very bright and neatly done

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wow wonderful naveena lets rock thanks for d awesome design

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Kesh, the colors are available in the market, all we have to do is mix it with white kolam power. One thing that i do before mixing is, i sieve the white kolam mavu, so it will be soft and crisp and will flow easily.

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Excellent work. It looks like a carpet laid out so beautifully. Colour combination is very apt - that is bright.

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Naveena maam I am speechless at such a beauty... wow this is really really wonderful work by you... so neatly done without any smudge and pleasing and wonderful color combination... I liked the way your lotus has blossomed and also liked the way you have shaded the dark blue color around the lotus... kudos maam

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Navinaji! Excellent work and bright colour combination.

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Very very beautiful carpet! Good choice of colours and nice symmetry! How long did you take to draw this?

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow, Superb work! The design, colour selection and its application - the kolam is rocking in all the fields. What a pretty welcome for the Chennai Meet. If the meet is arranged in Lakshmi's house, then there would be another pretty welcome in her house! But now, Rani will also receive everyone with her pretty kolam (any new type of kolam Rani?), i think.
Every colour is matched carefully to give a brighter look to the kolam. I like the outer colour of lotus (did you mix two colours to give the effect?) very much. Very smoothly applied colours and fine lines make the kolam very beautiful, Naveena. (Are you in Chennai?)

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Naveena, what a colorful wish for the chennai meet!. Very neatly drawn and colored design. Minimum use of white lines is good. the inner design and the lotus inside the peacock color base all are looking very lovely. How much time it took to cpmplete it?( by the way here the colors if we mix with white color kolapodi becomes dull . How u get this much brightness?)

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Rajamma mam, but I wanted to ask the same question to u, after seeing ur 3D Geometric kolam.

True Rajamma, the color becomes dull after adding white powder. I did a couple of things like...

When i mixed red it was dull, so i added maron with it to make it dark. Then with Green, I added a little portion of yellow, to make it more vibrant.

Then it was the same with blue also. I actually had applied blue around the lotus. It was so dull and was spoiling the whole work. So, like i had already mentioned below, i sieve the white mogu mavu before mixing with colors. After seiving the discarded portion will be very coarse and full of crystals. I mixed peacock color with these crystals and sprinkled on the blue, and it gave a very nice glittering effect. (It is quite not showing on the photo).

Of all this rajamm mam, avoiding white outline and using black outlines enhances color a lot. And this i learnt from Brindha mam's kolams.

Btw, not all color mixing will be successful, i tried creating a light sky blue color, finally ended up with a grey shade. I din't want to waste it so used it for the diamonds and the inner design.

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Wow amazing work. Eye catching colors.

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awesome carpet. very neatly executed and colored very neatly too.

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Excellent naveena...beautiful colouring!!keep it up

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Naveena , amazing work.......excellent colors -Indira

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Naveena, we missed you during the Chennai Meet. Thank you for sharing the technics of color mixing. Wonderful carpet dedicated for Chennai Meet!

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Excellent work with bright colours. Romba azhagu and very good symmetry. I like the blue background of lotus.

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Beautiful colours and thanks for those tips on mixing colours